sullengirl257 (sullengirl257) wrote in pro_girl,

stream of consciousness

..strange how the standard for women keeps changing, it used to be we couldnt go to school at all, and then it was go to school but not working and ignoring what we learned once we get married, then it was the Gloria Steniem age of a woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle, so go to school and get a job and never get married, now its changed to go to school immediately after highschool, graduate, get a job, and then be faced with the question...."how are u going to balance a career and a family?" and other things like whether its better to wait till u have a career to have kids or to do it while ure still young..both are considered selfish adn wrong depending on how you look at it oh and hello some women dont want kids at all...funny no one ever poses questions like this to guys....As for me i know i want kids, but i dont think i will get married bc i dont see myself ever trusting someone enough to share my life with them and then the crap of the kids need a father comes up, whatever i'll have my gay brother around to teach them how to be a man, bc hes the best example i have ever met, i suddenly thought of white oleander,"you dont have a father, we;re vikings astrid." ummm wow i could say a lot lot more bc there is a lot of points i havent brought up.
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