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"boy so hard, but i know a girl twice as hard and she twinkles, and i sure can" ~tori amos

This is from my LJ a few weeks ago and i thought i would repost it in here....
I'm pretty tired and my stomach feels pretty god damn icky, but i absolutely need to get atleast something out about being female, even more so being a strong female and feminism...I wrote this poem in highschool but its still holds true, yes i have been a feminist since highschool i would say. middle school was more of a girl power, gorls rule boys drool thing ( i had the keychain!) but those thoughts were a catalyst and a foreshadowing to the things that concerned me the most as i grew up... anyway heres the poem...

"In Our Defense, What is Feminism"

In Our defense,
The Sisterhood,
foreign and female,
Mothers and More,
born for liberty,
true to ourselves
who We are,
hear these voices,
the breath of life,
a life of its own,
The Frail Ocean,
Man of the house,
Invisible Empire,
Utopias and Utopian thought,
Powerful days,
We are the People,
In Our defense,
older and wiser,
not without My Daughter,
secrets of sleep,
the coming of age,
why can’t Men open up,
spacious dreams,
what is feminism,
can you find it,
taking liberties,
Mothers and such,
seen and heard,
The Grand Domestic Revolution,
hear these voices,
the measure of My days,
jumping fire,
the first freedom,
Women of the air,
catch the wind,
the land Our fathers plowed,
in Our defense,
Mothers and more,
the Sisterhood,
old friends,
a history of Their own,
pure and simple
what is feminism,
true to Ourselves,
gone crazy and back again,
what We are,
pioneer Women.
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